Terms & Conditions

Before any booking are taken A2B Cotswold Travel recommends the hirer reads through the terms and conditions.They must be acknowledged and accepted by the hirer / company before going ahead with the booking.

Booking / Confirmation

Please allow sufficient time to get to your destination, A2B Cotswold Travel cannot be responsible for arriving late.

Bookings are only confirmed when an email or text message of confirmation is received from A2B Cotswold Travel.
Short notice bookings will be confirmed verbally at the time of calling.
It is the hirer`s responsibility to check all information is correct i.e. date and time of booking, location and / or addresses for collection / drop off, number of passengers and if appropriate, flight numbers and other transport connection information.

We will not be held responsible for any loss or inconvenience caused due to incorrect information given.

We will endeavour to check flight details,connection times etc. supplied but cannot be responsible for errors, cancellations or timetable changes which result in loss or delay to the hirer or passages.
The hirer should advise at time of booking if comfort breaks will be required on the journey so that adequate time is allowed to ensure arrival on time at the destination.
For airports / seaports the hirer must allow sufficient travelling time for the check in times required.
A2B Cotswold Travel cannot be responsible if the hirer and passengers are late or miss their flight.
The hirer must order a suitable car size for the right number of passengers and luggage.
A2B Cotswold Travel cannot guarantee to carry excessive amounts of luggage.
Please inform A2B Cotswold Travel if you will be providing a wheelchair, pushchair / pram before the booking is made.
A2B Cotswold Travel reserves the right to substitute booked vehicles; however we will do our utmost to ensure these are of equal quality.
Non – airport collections except for a 10 minute `grace ‘ period waiting charges will apply from the booked time, at our current standard rate.
A2B Cotswold Travel does not allow food or alcoholic drinks in the vehicle.
Smoking, drugs and abuse is strictly prohibited in any vehicle.
It is a legal requirement that all passengers must always wear seatbelts in the vehicle whilst travelling.

The hirer must inform A2B Cotswold Travel when booking if their party consists of a child or children and if they have a pushchair / pram.
The UK law states that taxis are exempt from legislation relating to children travelling in a child seat or booster.
If you the hirer require a child seat for the journey it is the hirer’s responsibility to supply and safely fit before the commencement of any journey.
Children are not permitted to travel unaccompanied unless under an agreement with a school, parent or council.
A child counts as one passenger when travelling in a vehicle.

Animals & Pets
The hirer must inform A2B Cotswold Travel at the time of booking if a domestic animal is to be transported within the vehicle. All domestic animals must be carried in a suitable container, cage or adequately restrained by a lead. The driver may reserve the right to refuse any animal and cancel a booking on arrival if A2B Cotswold Travel has not been informed of the requirement to carry an animal. Guide dogs are exempted, but please state whilst booking.

Cleaning & Damage
We will charge cost of cleaning plus the potential loss of earning for the driver in the event of soiling or vomit.
If special cleaning of the vehicle is required because it has been left in an unreasonable state by a passenger/ client
A2B Cotswold Travel has the rights to charge the cost of £35.00 for cleaning.
Any damage or deliberate breakages / carelessness resulting in damage to the vehicle will incur a charge and maybe reported to the police as criminal damage.
We reserve the right to ask any passenger to leave a vehicle if seen to be behaving in an abusive or destructive manner.
Passengers must not distract or harass the driver or encourage them to break the law or any of these terms & conditions.

Estimates & Payment
All estimates are based on the information given by the hirer and must be checked to make sure it is correct.
A2B Cotswold Travel will calculate the cost of any journey based on the most efficient route and will email the hirer an estimate.However in the event of road works, delays, floods or accidents an alternative may be sought which could result in an additional charge being made.
For airport / seaport and long distance journeys a 25% deposit is required to secure bookings and can be paid by cash or BACS transferor cheque.
All deposits are non – refundable, unless otherwise agreed, with the balance paid in full prior to travelling.
Chargeable waiting times will commence 5 minutes from the agreed time of arrival / collection.
Waiting time is chargeable at £6.50 per 15 minutes or part for any waiting not included in the original booking.
This charge also applies to any unexpected on the way stops to the final destination.
Any detours will be charged at our standard per mile rate applicable at the time of travel.
Account holders payment in arrears must be agreed prior to booking.Our terms are strictly 7 days from date of travel. Failure to settle within this period may result in future bookings being declined and action to recoup outstanding monies.
Payment may be by cash or BACS transfer, also by cheque, but must be at least 7 days before the date of travelling.

Property & Luggage
All luggage, property and personal items are carried at the owners own rick and A2B Cotswold Travel accept no responsibility for any loss, damage or theft of these items.
The hirer must inform A2B Cotswold Travel when booking, if they have a lot of extra luggage as it will take extra time fitting the luggage into the vehicle.

Your driver will take the route most appropriate to reach your destination at the agreed time. We are not liable for any loss, inconvenience or liabilities due to delays caused by traffic, road – works, roadclosures, diversions, extreme weather conditions,collisions caused by other parties.
In the event of a breakdown or accident a replacement vehicle will be arranged as soon as possible.
However A2B Cotswold Travel will not accept responsibility for missed connections or appointments.
If the arrival time and or location changes it is your responsibility to inform A2B Cotswold Travel and agree alterative arrangements. The hirer must immediately notify A2B Cotswold Travel by telephoning the mobile number.
Notification before the vehicle has left will not attract any additional charges and alternative arrangements will be made in agreement with the hirer.
If the vehicle is already enroute, a fee will be payable based on the distance and time travelled.
Alternative arrangements may be made at an additional cost to the hirer.
If no contact is made it will be deemed by A2B Cotswold Travel that the booking is cancelled and charges will be applied accordingly.

Cancellations by the hirer must be by email, text or telephone call.
If a booking is cancelled within 1 hour of the requested pick – up time A2B Cotswold Travel reserve the right to make full charge for the journey.
If the passenger does not appear and make contact with our driver at the booked time and the designated pick – up point, we reserve the right to make full charge for the journey.
If payments have already been received by A2B Cotswold Travel, the hirer will be entitled to the following refunds:

  • 25% deposit is non – refundable
  • Less than 48hrs notice – no refund
  • 2- 4 days 60% of the charge
  • 5 – 9 days 40% of the charge
  • 10 days or more – no charge

Cancellation by A2B Cotswold Travel
If A2B Cotswold Travel has to cancel a booking a full refund of any monies paid will be issued to the hirer.
In the event of any emergency, riot, civil commotion, strike, lock – out, stoppage or removal of labour or on the occurrence of any event over which the company has no control including adverse weather and road conditions or in the event of the hirer taking any action to vary agreed conditions without prior agreement then the contract may be cancelled by the return of all money paid without further liability.

We will always do our best to meet and exceed your expectations however sometimes things can go wrong. Please contact A2B Cotswold Travel in writing within 7 days of your booking where your complaint will be investigated and every effort will be made to reach a satisfactory resolution.

A2B Cotswold Travel reserve the right to review its charges and terms & conditions periodically and thus also reserves the right to make changes as necessary without notice.